origin spirits of the past


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origin spirits of the past
  • Release date: 7 Jan 2006
  • Release year: 2006
  • Runtime: 94 mintues
  • Country: Japan
  • Keywords: future, forest, 24th century, post apocalypse, environmental
It is 300 years into the future. Earth's environment had been devastated by mankind's own foolish plans and humankind is beleaguered by the sentient forests which they have awoken. The world balance is tipped when a young boy named Agito stumbles across a machine that glowed in a strange blue hue inside a forbidden sanctuary. The machine, which has preserved a beautiful girl named Tula from the past, is activated. Tula has a "mission" that had been entrusted to her by the past ...

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Genetic engineering on trees was conducted at a research facility on the Moon to produce trees capable of growing in harsh, arid conditions. The trees gain consciousness, obliterating Earth's civilizations and destroying the Moon. Agito, a young boy, and his father Agashi, as well as his friends Cain and Minka, live in Neutral City, a city carved out of the ruined skyscrapers which acts as both a buffer and a bridge between the Forest and the militaristic nation of Ragna. While the people of Neutral City co-exist peacefully with the trees of the forest, the nation of Ragna aims to destroy the Forest to restore the Earth. Found out how Agito brings peace between humans and the trees.

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